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Deluxe Skin Care Set

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Our skin care set is prefect for anyone looking for natural skin care free of chemicals, dyes and fragrance, which is great for sensitive skin, suitable for all skin types, and the face cream in each kit is catered specifically to your skin type. Includes everything you will need for your daily face care ritual!

The Deluxe Skin Care Set includes:

Botanical Face Cleanser: A gentle cleanser with a mild foaming action and creamy consistency. Includes Chamomile, Aloe, Cucumber, and Japanese Green Tea extracts, which all help to soothe, tighten and act as an antioxidant on the skin. These botanicals can assist in epidermal problems and inflammation. Gentle on all skin types and suitable for daily use. Can also be used to help remove make up. 4 oz.

Natural Konjac Face Sponge: A gentle exfoliating sponge made from 100% natural Konjac plant. Infused with ultra-soothing French pink clay to purify pores without drying your skin. Leaves skin soft and dewy after every use.

How to use: Rinse the Konjac sponge with warm water until it becomes soft. Massage the skin by making circular movements. Rinse the sponge and hang it to let it dry between uses. After 2 or 3 months of use (or 100 uses), put the Konjac sponge in the compost.

Firming Botanical Facial Toner: Splash some life into your complexion! Botanical extracts, marine minerals, and protein will improve skin lipid content and promote firmness. This superior toner has Tamarind Seed Extract; a natural film forming polysaccharide, that has moisturizing effectiveness equal to Hyaluronic Acid. Includes Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Japanese Green Tea which assist in rejuvenating the skin, while Cucumber Extract will help tighten pores. Pea protein and marine minerals round out the essential needs for a glowing complexion. 4 oz.

Replenishing Face Cream: This face cream goes on very smooth and sinks right in. A light, silky texture, perfect for day use and under make up. Good for all skin types however we adjust the actives based on skin type. Includes a host of actives like Grape Extract, Cucumber, Wild Mushroom, and Japanese Green Tea, and one of the key ingredients is a naturally-derived film-forming polysaccharides, derived from tamarind seeds. 2 oz.    

Eye Contour Cream: Made purely from some of the most nourishing and mildest of botanical ingredients, our Eye Contour Cream is designed to absorb rapidly into the skin to nourish, tone, and soothe tired eyes. Featuring Calendula Oil to soothe the delicate under-eye skin area and help reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. Shea and Tucuma Butters, both rich in skin-replenishing Oleic Acids, pamper the skin for lasting hydration and softness. 20 ml.

Skin Repair Vitamin C Serum: A 100% natural multifunctional Vitamin C Serum which performs as an exfoliant, antioxidant, and skin brightening agent with anti-aging properties. Also contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Hyaluronic Acid. 1 oz.

***PLEASE NOTE*** When first using the Vitamin C Serum, you may experience tingling, itching and redness, especially on sensitive skin. We recommend starting off with 1 application every other day for skin to adjust to it and to use a sunscreen if out in direct sun.