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Boo Boo Box - Curiosity Kit

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Hey, Boo-Boo! Did you get a splinter or give yourself a paper cut? Are you having a bit of a rough day? Chin up! This little tin can help fix the small stuff and provide you with a bit of TLC until you can find someone to hug.

Boo-Boo Box Contents: Tweezers (1 pair) Ÿ alcohol wipes x2 Ÿ antiseptic cleansing wipe x1 Ÿ bandages (various types and sizes) Ÿ gauze pad Ÿ safety pins x3 Ÿ medicine tin (empty) Ÿ lozenge Ÿ a little bit of TLC (heart token) Ÿ a spiffy little card for you to write a message Ÿ magnet Ÿ note including some basic first aid tips.

Curiosity kits are art-inspired tins filled with creative, fun and (sometimes) practical items. They make perfect little gifts to leave for a friend or loved one. All tins feature artwork created by late Canadian artist Iriz Pääbo.