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Deluxe Foot Spa - Box of Hugs

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Bring the spa home! Our feet are often the most neglected and in need of some TLC. This foot care gift set is a perfect gift for anyone that's on their feet all day and could use some pampering! Perfect as a thank you gift to nurses, teachers or just as a thinking of you gift in these trying times.

More about what's included:

Relax and Soothe Foot Soak: Soak those tired, achy feet after a long day. Pure Epsom salts infused with organic eucalyptus, lavender and spearmint essential oils to help relax and ease stress, muscle aches and pains, as well as exfoliate dead skin cells and soothe sore feet. Epsom salt’s known ability to help reduce swelling and ease aches and soreness makes it an ideal treatment for anyone on their feet all day, and especially those who will be on their feet again tomorrow. In just 20 minutes, tired feet can be rejuvenated with our foot soak. 4 oz.

Invigorating Foot Scrub: Follow next with this all-natural scrub, which will help to exfoliate the soles of the feet. The skin is left soft and smooth while the cooling peppermint essential oils will leave feet feeling refreshed, energized and invigorated. 2 oz.

Coarse Pumice Pad: Included for areas that need extra smoothing. Tip: Add a little water and foot scrub to the pad and then rub on callouses/heels.  

All-Natural Revitalizing Foot Cream: Made with pure Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter, Tucuma Butter, and Sunflower Oil, this foot cream delivers deep nourishment and leaves the skin feeling feather soft and comforted. It has been specifically formulated to provide a soothing, non-greasy feel with quick absorption for an instant rejuvenated look and long-lasting protection against dryness. Infused with organic lavender, tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to help soothe and revitalize tired feet and legs. 2 oz.

Crystal Nail File: This gentle nail file prevents breakage and splitting, contributing to the healthy state of your nails. Lifetime guarantee on the filing surface of each file. Produced from hard-wearing Czech-tempered glass which is unparalleled in its durability, and precision shaping thanks to a highly effective filing surface. Comes in a convenient holding pouch.

Cushioned Toe Separators: Keep you comfortable and give ample space for more precision on the nail.