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Earrings: NANA Orange

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Hypoallergenic beaded loop earings. 

These light weight, hypoallergenic dangle earings are inspired by tribal designs. Each beaded is meticulously positioned to create a beautiful and bold design that is perfect for Summer!


Color Guide:

Each individual color has a meaning and is open to interpretation, some traditions equate certain qualities to various color schemes: 

  • Green : Contentment, harvest, growth and spiritual renewal 

  • Blue : Faithfulness, healing and increasing harmony

  • Red : help increase the following qualities of Love, strength, meditation

  • Black : represents marriage and rebirth

  • White : reflects spirituality, love and purity

  • Yellow : yellow beads help increase wealth, wisdom and have a calming effect

  • Pink : represent promise and high status


Product Specification:

Material : Beads and beading string

Sizes: Length 4.5cm

Weight: 0.3 oz

Colors : Available in assorted colors and designs. 


Care Instrution

1. Do not cut the beading string

2. Avoid contact with too much water

3. Store away from direct sunlight

4. Clean earings with polishing cloth and warm water

Disclaimer:  Please note product color may vary slightly due photograph lightning.