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Fort Panels

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A Fort Panel is a themed sheet for building forts. We all loved building forts as kids...table forts, couch cushion forts, kitchen chair forts...

Hang from the top bunk of your littles bunk bed inside or outside. Forts are fun for the whole family. Create the remainder of the fort using blankets from home. Each Fort Panel has 3 enforced holes along the top for securing your panel. Use string or pins to attach the panel or to weigh it down, secure it with other blankets.

Each Panel varies. Curtain, Bunting Fabrics Vary

Product Details:
- Approx. Size 45" H X 45 - 55" W.  Depends on Width of Fabric
- Curtain, Bunting Fabric may vary. Depending on Fabric Availability
- Parental Supervision Advise
- Tables, Bunk beds, Couch Cushion Forts.. etc
- Most windows have snaps to keep curtains open or closed. Snap to Keep Firehose in place.
- Bunting Fabrics Very.
- Over 200 Curtain Fabrics to choose from

Materials: Material Vary from Cotton to Heavier Weight fabrics. Fire truck nozzle has foam balls inside, Ribbon, Twine, Plastic Snaps

Product Care: Machine wash gentle, hang to dry

Turnaround time: 3-4 Days