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Mini Emergency Kit - Curiosity Kit

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First off, everything is going to be okay! Hopefully one of these "emergency" items will help you get past this little hiccup, so you can get back to doing whatever you were doing before the panic moment.

Emergency Kit includes: Iriz Pääbo art card & bio Ÿ 3 bobby pins & an "ouchless" hair tie Ÿ floss pick Ÿ magic towel made of 100% cotton (just add water) Ÿ safety pins for clothing malfunctions Ÿ non-latex bandage Ÿ alcohol wipe Ÿ Wet Nap Ÿ breath mint Ÿ nail file Ÿ pill container Ÿ magnet Ÿ a snappy little card for you to leave a message!

Curiosity kits are art-inspired tins filled with creative, fun and (sometimes) practical items. They make perfect little gifts to leave for a friend or loved one. All tins feature artwork created by late Canadian artist Iriz Pääbo.