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Mini Self Care Kit - Curiosity Kit

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Today is a great day to take care of YOU! This compact little kit will provide you with some items that can help you find your inner calm when you’re on the go… Flip the lid to engage your senses and escape for a few minutes... you've got this!

The mini Self-Care kit includes: mini art card Ÿ artist bio cardŸ mini vase with dried flowers Ÿ lavender tea light Ÿ mini paper folio (for your thoughts and doodles) Ÿ pencil Ÿ one-minute meditation instructions Ÿ a snappy little gift & affirmation card (leave a message) & a touch of TLC (wood heart token).

Please note that each box is unique and some items may not be the same colour/style shown.

Curiosity kits are art-inspired tins filled with creative, fun and (sometimes) practical items. They make perfect little gifts to leave for a friend or loved one. All tins feature artwork created by late Canadian artist Iriz Pääbo.