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Neon Pothos plant in geometric planter

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Neon Pothos plants are among the most popular houseplants for their versatility and easy care. Neon Pothos have yellowish leafs which make them easily recognizable and popular in a variety of settings. Typically a fast-growing strong climber, Neon Pothos can flourish as houseplants or climbers, indoor and outdoor, in full sun or partial shade, and requires little watering.


Care Guide:

• Thrives in bright indirect light. Will tolerate medium light conditions. 

• Water when soil is dry. Do not over water. Check soil 2-3” deep before watering.

•Toxic when ingested. 


Product Details:

• The Neon Pothos plant comes in this 4” white geometric planter with drainage hole  

 •Approximate height is 10”. 



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Please allow 2-day turn around time for pick-up. Thank you.