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Nobot Note & Art Cards

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Notecards: The “Nobot” Collection is made up of different pieces of an art installation called “100 Nots”. Each note card depicts an image of a colourful sculpture depicting the female form. These A4 sized cards are printed on heavy stock with a glossy finish. Each set includes all 5 images with colourful coordinating envelopes (5 colours) and envelope seals. Blank inside.


Art Cards: The “Nobot Collection” art cards are flat (5x7) cards printed on heavy, premium stock with a satin finish. These luxury postcard-style images include the full set of “Nobots” and an image of the “100 Nots” multi-media artwork – Both parts together show the entirety of the original art installation. Post-card-style with no envelope. Use permanent ink/marker or gel pen to write on these cards.


All of the collections from Iriz Studios are based on the work of the late Canadian artist, Iriz Pääbo (1947-2020).


About the original artwork:


100 Nots – Patterns of Denial - Installation (2000)

Encaustic on Hardboard

32 x 48 in


Polychromed (hand-built) ceramic

12x 5.5 in (each piece)  


Fun fact: Iriz created various sizes and versions of hand-built ceramic sculptures in this style.