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Play dough activity decks - Available in Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes

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Play dough tracing activity deck - available in an alphabet set, numbers set and shapes set

Each page includes the outline of a letter, number or shape. For example in the alphabet set each page includes the outline of each letter of the alphabet in upper case and lower case that children can fill in with play dough. Focusing on one letter, number or shape at a time is incredibly beneficial when children are learning, it helps them to concentrate on the form and shape of each letter instead of getting overwhelmed with the whole alphabet at once. 


A great starting activity for little ones is to have them rip pieces of play dough to fill in the outline of each letter, as they get confident with filling in each of the letters you can have them practice rolling thin pieces of play dough to create each letter, this is actually a great math tool as well because they'll have to practice estimating how much dough they need to build each letter. As they master that you can use the cards as more of just a visual aid and have them look at each letter and create it beside the activity mat instead of on top of it. 

The cards are laminated and come on a binder clip so you can easily take them with you to a restaurant or when you're travelling for a fun activity on the go. This also allows them to be rearranged to spell words or names. 

Activity decks are available in 3 themes; Alphabet, Numbers and Shapes. 

Cards measure approx. 4" x 5.5"

Quantities listed are in stock in Bowmanville and available for pick up and delivery in 2 days