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Weird & Wonderful Conversation Kit - Curiosity Kit

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Hey, there! Have you found yourself in a bit of a pickle, and are unsure how to get the conversation going? We’ve got you! This conversation kit contains some weird and wonderful items to help prompt some weird and wonderful conversations and queries. You can be the life of the party anywhere you go…. What the heck is this stuff? …

Weird & Wonderful Conversation Kit includes: window tin & pouch Ÿ 4 images of unique artworks Ÿ  artist bio; squishy human organ + fun facts Ÿ ugly teeth Ÿ disguise moustache Ÿ starter (temporary) tattoos Ÿ fortune telling fish & a dandy info card...WOW!

Please note that there are 4 different versions of this set that include different fun facts.

Curiosity kits are art-inspired tins filled with creative, fun and (sometimes) practical items. They make perfect little gifts to leave for a friend or loved one. All tins feature artwork created by late Canadian artist Iriz Pääbo.