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Meet the Maker: GlitterGlammCrafts Apparel & Co.

Meet the Maker: GlitterGlammCrafts Apparel & Co.

Meet this week's maker, Natasha from GlitterGlammCrafts Apparel & Co!

Natasha, along with her sister Ashley, offer a range of fun and comfortable apparel for every season. Their most well-known pieces are from their signature Diamond MAMA collection which "acts as a reminder to all the mothers out there that there will be good and bad days, but on those hard days we stand by you and together we are united and stronger."

Along with their wonderful range of pieces, they also take custom orders for any designs you have in mind. They have also opened their own Mobile Boutique, which began showcasing in 2021 for pop-up events.

Carry on reading to learn more about GlitterGlammCrafts Apparel & Co!

What kind of products do you sell?
Customized women + family apparel.

How did you get started?
We started out by creating baby and bridal party tees and tanks in 2017 out of my basement. Over the years, our brides have evolved into wives and mamas, and we have evolved our branding and designs to fit them just the same!

Why are you a maker?
I love designing and working with people one on one.

What inspires you?
Who inspires me most are other 'mompreneurs' who make it look so easy to run a kick ass business while rocking it at home too!

What is your favourite product that you sell?
My favourite is definitely still our signature Diamond Mama.

What is your favourite product that another maker sells?
I love the scents and products from Market Candle Company. Her scents are exactly what I need in my life!

What is your most popular product?
It depends on the season, but our most popular designs are from our Diamond Collection.

What's one fun fact that someone might not know about you?
I was a competitive baton twirler when I was a teenager!

Where can people find you on social media?
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