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We are now offering services to help make your life as a small business owner easier. We know every business is not the same, so if we can customize a space or service to help fit your needs better we will do our best. These are services that will be paid for in-store or invoiced for per time. A few things we offer are:

Avoid customers picking up at your home! Vendors can pay $1.50 per pick-up or buy a pick-up card, which includes 50 pick-ups for $50. These are paid for and bought in store.

Live far away? For $20 you can ship your products to us, and we will then stock your space for you. This service is invoiced, so it must be paid for before you ship to us. To utilize this service, email Sarah at
Please note: We also suggest making sure you track your items and get insurance on them, as we (Markets Ontario and associates) will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items). 

Want to rent our space to host a workshop? We charge $25 per hour during regular business hours and $50 per hour during after hours. Please contact us to see if your date is available.

Cut down on your time coming to the store to restock. For only $20 a month we will hold one large bin per vendor of overstock to be stocked when your space gets low. This service is paid for in store when you bring your overstock in.