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Mermaid Sprinkles

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The kiddos love this stuff .... So we made another one! 


Mermaid sprinkles is handmade from scratch. Multicoloured bath bomb powder in a fresh fruity scent with a mermaid tail bathbomb scented in Fruit Loops. Comes with a scoop so you can use as much or as little as you like. There is definitely enough to last quite a few baths.

Great bribery for tub time ;)

Have fun with it...

Get a plastic cup for your child to use in the tub. Put some of the bath bomb powder in the cup and then have them add some water to the cup and see what happens!! Magical. Watch the look on their face when the colourful foam overflows out of the cup into the bath! Hint-- if they have never done this before, it is a great time to have your camera ready!


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