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375g Natural, Raw, Unpasteurized Honey

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Our natural honey means just that, raw, unaltered and directly from the hive. When honey is unpasteurized, it means it is never heated or treated, leaving beneficial nutrients like pollen, enzymes and antioxidants intact. 

Our bees forage on local blooms on 9 bee yards throughout Millbrook, Scugog and Kawartha Lakes, to capture varied nectar sources.

Your options:

- Clover: most familiar in flavour. Sweet, classic taste perfect for yogurt, tea and baking.

- Goldenrod: a late summer honey. Less sweet, more flavour. We recommend this honey for late summer allergies. Read below:
Fact: it is a common misconception that goldenrod is the cause of late season allergies, however the pollen is very dense and is not easily airborne, the cause of such allergies is likely due to ragweed pollen. Goldenrod is in bloom when the pollinators are also visiting ragweed - which makes goldenrod honey the perfect choice to combat late season allergies!

- Wildflower: Our bestselling natural honey, the safest bet for gifting. A light/golden honey that boasts a sweet, familiar taste. Similar to clover but more "floral".

- Wetlands: Wetlands honey is derived from various floral inhabitants of marsh and woodland areas. This area gives the honey a woodsy, earthy flavour smokey & caramel notes. Beekeeper K's favorite honey! 

- Buckwheat: Buckwheat honey is dark in colour, and features a strong malty, molasses flavour. Great for baking, cooking (pulled pork, roasts, ham) or perfect for coffee! Read below:

Fact: honeybees tend to prefer other floral crop over buckwheat, we are required to grow 50-100 acres in close proximity to the colonies to obtain this flavor as dark and rich as we do. Buckwheat is traditionally used as a cover crop/green manure and is tilled under the soil before it flowers, so we are required to partner with farmers who allow the crop to flower to can capture this nectar source. Compare at 12$ for this premium honey from the farm.