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Dinosaur Play Dough Imagination Play Kit - bag size set

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Inspire your childs creativity with our dinosaur play dough play sets.


Each kit includes a container of handmade non-toxic play dough as well as sensory loose parts for your child to use with the play dough, depending on the theme of the set this could include things such as a play dough stamp that matches the theme of the set, pretend grass to create a scene with the play dough, toys such as a dinosaur or unicorn, stickers, pipecleaners, googly eyes and pom poms. 


I've put these together so that little ones have everything they need to play in a contained kit, you don't need to worry about assembling an activity for them, it's all put together and ready to sit down and play! They're also a great opportunity for you to play with your child to and to watch their imagination come to life! There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a child run with an idea from their imagination. The process of make believe and imaginative play is so incredibly beneficial for their creative thinking, problem solving in figuring out how to use the pieces in each set, fine motor and building skills in assembling their creations and even math skills in figuring out how much dough they need for each of their creations. 


The play dough is handmade from food grade ingredients including flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, lemon juice and food grade colouring. Because it's all food grade ingredients it's taste safe if a little one accidentally tries some, although it tastes awful so they'll likely only try it once ;)


The kits are not recommended for children under 3 as they contain some small parts such as rocks and gemstones. As with all childrens toys adult supervision is recommended... and encouraged :)


Kit quantities listed are in stock in Bowmanville and available for pick up and delivery in 2 days