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Meet the Maker: Heartfelt Bundles

Meet the Maker: Heartfelt Bundles

Meet this week's maker, Tiffany from Heartfelt Bundles!

All of her cute-as-a-button pieces are carefully sculpted in slow batches using the needle felting technique. When she's not working her day job or creating colourful and playful pieces for Heartfelt Bundles, she can be found adventuring somewhere outdoors, checking out a newly opened cafe, trying to keep her plants alive or staying in and enjoying a show, podcast and some tea.

Carry on reading to learn more about Heartfelt Bundles!

What kind of products do you sell?
I sell a variety of wool sculptures and figurines such as llamas and my signature cacti. Depending on the season, I also sell ornaments and brooches.

How did you get started?
The first time I tried needle felting was in 2013 when I joined a workshop. After the workshop, I never made anything else. Fast forward to 2017, I rediscovered my felting kit at home and decided to take a stab at it again - figuratively and literally! From that point onwards I've never stopped. It started as a hobby where I would document everything I made on Instagram just for fun, but gradually friends and strangers wanted to purchase what I made and commission me to make special pieces. That's when I took the leap, opened an Etsy shop, participated in in-person markets and eventually hosted workshops.

Why are you a maker?
I think everyone is a maker in some way, shape or form. I've always loved creating since a very young age. As someone who is imaginative and hands on, I enjoy being able to channel my creativity through crafting and making things. I also love the process of creating - it helps me to focus, stay calm and feel good about myself. I'm always learning as I create!

What inspires you?
A lot of my inspiration comes from being outside in nature and appreciating wildlife. Photography has also played a huge role! It helps me see things in different perspectives and more importantly, teaches me to appreciate the little moments.

What is your favourite product that you sell?
The acorn ornaments. I only sell them during autumn, but they are my favourite because I love assembling and packaging them.

What is your favourite product that another maker sells?
The sugar cookies from Sugar & Love Bakery are always so colourful, fun and perfectly made. They're tasty too!

What is your most popular product?
My signature cacti.

What's one fun fact that someone might not know about you?
I did my undergrad in early childhood education, and although I no longer work with children now, one of the things I miss most about being an ECE is being able to craft and create with the kids. It was always fun exploring the endless things we can make, draw, paint, build, etc.

Where can people find you on social media?
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